Do you have a foot problem and want to stay active? I’m here to help people with foot problems in WICKHAM and surrounding area.

You will be required to make a payment for the appointment when you book. This payment is non-refundable if cancellation is within 48hours (or at owners discretion).

I write this in the capacity of a fellow Podiatrist. I have previously worked with Katrina. Not only is she a lovely and knowledgeable lady but her nail surgery skills are second to none. I would highly recommend her. Sarah, Podiatrist, Cardiff.

Nail surgery – great technique

I cannot recommend Katrina enough for her professionalism, expertise and ability to to understand what I needed to be able to stand and walk. Above all I didn’t feel rushed and had clinical aftercare which was very reassuring. I on my feet all day for work. My hip operation was cancelled and I was left immobile. Katrina prescribed some orthotics for me. I feel more stable, am in less pain and can walk without jarring at every step. Tracy, Scientist. Portsmouth

Highly recommended (Orthotics/Insoles)