Orthotics & Insoles

We sometimes call Orthotics insoles

We describe excessive Pronation as when the foot rolls inwards too much.  You are likely to see this in a ‘flat foot’ (pes planus).

We describe excessive Supination as when the foot rolls outwards too much. You are likely to see this in a ‘high arch’ (pes cavus) foot.

Orthotics are used in feet that are painful or not moving in the way that they should. They are also used in flat feet or high-arched feet when that condition is causing a problem.

The orthotic or insole is adjusted for each individual.

The theory is that due to the angles placed on the insole, when the foot hits the ground, the forces acting on the foot will act in a different direction so that the foot will have better mechanical function.

A range of orthotics is offered to provide different levels of ‘correction’



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