Portsmouth – home visits

If you have received one of my cards through your door, you will receive a £5 discount off a home visit appointment.

This time of year many clients benefit from the home visiting service I offer within Portsmouth.

If you find that the inclement weather and bus journeys are too much, why not book a home visit?

I offer all the treatments that you can have within a clinic but at home. I can deal with thick nails, ingrowing nails as well as corns and hard skin.

All advice is free and I have a small selection of products at reasonable prices if you require them.

I am also qualified to prescribe antibiotics if you have any infections in your foot and all dressings at the time of appointment are supplied free of charge.

For some people, coming to my home is convenient.

I live in Copnor, 10 Mayhall Road, PO3 5AU. During the day on-street parking is available

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