Great news, I am able to see more clients

Relaxation of guidelines means I can see more clients. I have adopted a traffic light triage system

Red patients- high risk
Amber patients – moderate risk
Green patients low risk

Following professional guidance we will now be able to start seeing those with mild conditions (green on our triaging system) once I have seen the cancelled red and amber patients. This will only be where self care advice or a video consult is not possible.
All practices will move at different speeds due to different patient groups and staffing but all will be prioritising safety.

I will be in touch with our patients to rebook cancelled appointments as soon as I can.
I am only booking 3 weeks ahead in case I develop symptoms. If you have a problem before we contact you then please call 01329 832074 or 023 9269 6948 for help.

Thank you for your continuing support of our small business at this time. It means the world to me.

Please note, this is NOT a return to normal, shielding patients are advised to take the first appointments of the day, if you are shielding you CAN go to medical appointments, that obviously includes visiting me.

Priority will be given to red patients and then amber and lastly green patients, I know my patients inside out and can already work out what triage you will be in.

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