Happy feet will help you enjoy your holiday.

Use sun-tan lotion on your feet. They are often forgotten about and

burn easily as are not so used to be exposed to the sun. You might consider using a higher factor cream on this skin. Alternatively keep the feet covered in light coloured material as dark colours absorb heat and may also harm your feet by getting too hot.

It is advisable to wear some form of shoe even on the beach as sand can become hot and there could be sharp debris on the beach. A plastic shoe is also a good idea for wearing in the water to protect your feet.

Flip flops and other shoes which do not have a fastening are not adequate for walking any distance, they should be kept for ‘pool-side’ activities. A back-less shoe also causes the skin on the heel to dry and crack a lot quicker. The constant slapping of the shoe against the heel causes water loss within the tissues.

Long journeys can make your feet swell. Try to have a break and get out of the car for a short walk, even a short distance is beneficial. This will keep the circulation moving and the keep the swelling down.

Remember that your feet might swell in the heat so make sure your shoes are not too tight.

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