The little toe

Is almost as important as the big toe when you are walking.

The little toe helps stabilise your foot and even has its own specific muscles.

Unfortunately it seems to get a fair bit of bashing in our lifetimes. I wonder how many people have a broken little toe?

Walking on Sunshine with Katrina


Hot weather and dehydration can lead to an attack of Gout.

You can see the white lumps under the red skin on the second toe in this picture.

The white lumps are ‘gouty tophi’

Gout is a form of arthritis and many people who have the issue are on constant medication to prevent it.

Seek advice from a state registered (HCPC) podiatrist if you are concerned about your feet or foot pain.

Diabetes week 13th June 2022

Lots of information in the window of the Chemist in Wickham Square

Anyone can visit a Podiatrist if they are concerned about their feet.

People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing foot complications. Diabetes can cause loss of sensation (neuropathy). This is problematic because if you injure your foot you might not feel it. Diabetes can also cause problems with blood supply

For more information, or if you are concerned about your feet, book an appointment with me.