Your visit


If you are coming as a new client, your foot will be assessed for blood supply and sensation. You will be required to complete a consent form so that I am able to carry out treatment at that initial appointment.

Not all treatments are able to be performed during the initial appointment but basic care such as reducing thick nails, cutting nails, removing hard skin and corns as well as conservative treatments for ingrowing nails and verruca.

Internal foot pain arising from things like altered walking patterns would need a further investigation (movement analysis).

Issues such as verrucae and ingrowing nails may require more than one treatment and perhaps surgery. This would be discussed at the initial appointment.

I am able to prescribe antibiotics for infection caused by ingrowing nails.

You are likely continuing a treatment plan or returning for routine care which you are unable to do for yourself.

Clients also return for post-op review of nail surgery

Clients also return regularly through rehabilitation post their movement analysis to see if they have improved after exercise.

Flat feet

This client has a fallen arch which is caused by failure of the tendon.

Surgery is required when all other methods to stop the progress of the arch falling have failed.

In this case, there was a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot under the big toe which makes the skin vulnerable to break down and wounds. In order to avoid any further issues, an off-load can be made to protect the skin and deflect some of the pressure