What’s wrong with my foot?

You probably have Fungal nails. These are one of the most common conditions we see.  There are a range of treatments available for this condition depending on what you want to achieve and what suits you.

There are many other ‘common conditions’ which Podiatrists see on a regular basis.  We treat these regularly and are very used to seeing feet and dealing with the lower limb (hip and down). 

If there is anything problematic with your feet or your legs, it’s important to see a Podiatrist who has rigorous training in the subject, is registered and insured. 

Things you can see
Routine treatments
Things you can‘t see Biomechanics
(assessment, rehab, strapping, orthotics)
CornsAchilles tendonopathy
Callus Plantar fasciitis
Ingrowing toenails
these sometimes require nail surgery
Mortons neuroma
Verruca Shin splints
Fungal nail
There are many more the above are just some examples