• Home visits (Portsmouth)
          • New Client £60  – couples £100
          • review visits £50 – couples £90
  • Wickham Square & Southsea Podiatry
      • Initial assessment and treatment 60, thereafter if required
        • £35 for simple nail cut or one item -20mins
        • £45 for nail cut plus one other item (scalpel work) 30mins


Nail surgery 

Using anaesthetic to numb the toe, either part of the nail or a whole nail can be removed.  The area is then treated with phenol which stops the nail growing again. 

£275 for one toe, one side OR removal of one whole nail.

£300 for one toe, both sides OR whole nail removal 

£350 for two toes, three sides 

£375 for two toes, both sides of both toes 

£50 per subsequent toe – maximum of 3 toes (due to the safe dose of anaesthetic).   

Price includes 1 redressing appointment, a starter pack of dressings and one review appointment if required at 6 weeks.

Verruca Needling £195

Price includes 2 review appointments post-surgery (1 week and 8weeks).

Should Nail surgery or Verruca Needling prove unsuccessful, the procedure can be repeated.

Foot mechanical assessment  £125 – 40mins.

Assessment of the movement of the foot in relation to the leg.  

Weight bearing and non weight bearing examination of the lower limb in conjunction with history taking and presenting symptoms.  

Prescription exercise may be advised as well as advice on how to manage the condition. 

Insoles or orthotics  

  • Off-the-shelf/prefabricated devices altered as required from £35
  • Custom orthotic £325  (3D scan taken of the feet and prescription sent to laboratory)