Toe Business, Wickham Square has been able to remain open throughout.

Southsea Podiatry is also open on Fridays.

When you come for your appointment, I am requesting that you remain outside the building and I will come and collect you.

You will be invited to use alcohol gel provided. I will ask you to wear a face mask and take your temperature. I will be wearing gloves, apron and face mask as well as having a screen between myself and you during treatment.

In order to reduce time spent in clinic I request new clients complete their registration online. All clients will be asked to view a Covid questionnaire before their appointment with me.

I am HCPC registered which means that I adhere to strict Government guidelines. My degree took three years and I was fortunate to study in hospitals and NHS trusts in London. I am insured and hold enhanced DBS disclosure.

Podiatrists have to complete over 1000 clinical hours usually within NHS clinics before we qualify. We are very different to others in the foot industry in the way we are taught clinical reasoning, research and ethics. We are qualified to use anaesthetics and can prescribe certain medications.

Podiatrist and Chiropodist are titles protected under law. It is one of the oldest medical professions. We are the profession qualified to treat disorders of the foot, ankle and leg.

01329 832074 for Wickham

023 9269 6948 for Portsmouth

07508 150 994 mobile

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There are different types of corns on your feet. Hard corns, Soft corns and Seed corns. You can also get them under your nails. I extract corns using a scalpel.

This condition is very common and difficult to treat depending on the severity and how much of the nail is affected. I can advise the best course of action.

Toenails can thicken from damage, age and some health conditions. I can reduce these and make them comfortable.

Clinic in Wickham Square, Above the Chemist



This is an example of an exercise prescription that I might suggest for you

Even if you have not sustained an injury these exercises would be good to practice now that you might have some extra time on your hands.

  • Build stability
  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Promote healthy habits
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