Toe nail cutting,  I use specially designed nippers for this job.

corns and callus debridement,  I use a scalpel and a file to deal with these

thick nail reduction, Usually, these are reduced with a nail burr before cutting

nail surgery,  this is used for ingrowing nails and a local anaesthetic is injected into the toe so that it is painless to remove the section of nail causing the problem.

strapping or taping, these are useful to give relief to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis

verucca needling, for verruca that are difficult to treat, we inject local anaesthetic to numb the area and puncture the verruca into the body via a small needle. In effect this allows the immune system to pick up the virus so that the body can deal with it.

Insoles and custom orthotics, for painful feet or feet requiring support so that the foot can function in an optimum position, an insole is useful.  You will be viewed walking, standing and sitting

antibiotic prescription,  used for wounds and sometimes pre-surgery for ingrowing nails.

basic wound care, this is provided as required and after nail surgery procedures. Wound care is provided free of charge as required during the appointment for example if wounds are found or caused during treatment.

foot health checks,  at the first appointment a check is carried out.  Your pulse in your foot is felt and then heard with a machine.  I also test your sensation on your feet

advice is always free and I am happy to answer any questions